Oil & Gas valve components

Development and realization

Rettifica Meccanica combines advanced technologies and attention to innovation, in the manufacture of valve components used in the Oil & Gas sector. The synergy between latest generation machinery and highly qualified personnel enables to have completely customized and high quality parts, with precision mechanical processing and full technical support during product development.


Shutter | Seats | Stem | Shields from 2" up to 40"


Shutter | Seats | Stem | Shields from 2" up to 60"


Flexibility and quality

Storage space enables to always have materials available, speeding up production. These include AISI 410-316 stainless steel, Duplex F51 and Superduplex F53-F55 special metals and alloys, nickel alloys, Carbon Steel LF2, F6A and F6.

Each material is certified by the manufacturer and is tracked internally indicating the casting batch by marking and monitoring with PMI.


Cutting of raw material
NC milling and grinding
Carry-over preparation and nickel coatings
Grinding of tungsten carbides, chromium and stellite carry-over
Lapping and heat treatments
Coatings (nickel plating, chrome plating, painting)
Welding carry-over with stellite, iconel, F316
Testing in accordance with API or customer specifications

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